The Strangest 4th yet

As you may know, yesterday July 4, was the annual holiday to celebrate the independence of the United States of America. Also, it was the debut of the 3rd season of the beloved Netflix show Stranger Things. So since today is a post about fashion, we are going to talk about a crime that a lot of people unkowingly comit every year, and how 80s fashion is still groovy today in 2019. Also, this post is going to be extremely short, so enjoy!

Sorry sir and mam, but that is illegal

Did you know that all the patriotic apparel and accessories that you wear is actually illegal, technically. If you click here, you can see the U.S. code in regards to Respect for the flag. However, you will not get arrested, ticketed, or anything else because too many people have been doing it for too long. So yes, while you are decked out in your festive patriotic wear, you are basically commiting a crime.

Let’s get strange, Let’s get Rad!

Yesterday on Thursday, July 4, 2019, season 3 of Stranger Things came out on Netflix. Don’t worry, there are NO SPOILERS in this post. However, I do want to talk about the “Totally Rad” fashion that I saw. Can you say short shorts, crew socks, vans, converse, and vibrant prints. Oh and also scrunchies. I love Stranger Things not only for the plot, but also for the fashion. 80s fashion was vibrant, fun, and relaxed. So, below are my top five 80s trends that I would love to see come back in full force.

Power Suits


Sweaters tied around your neck

Dance/workout gear

Side ponytails

As usual, Thanks a lot for reading!

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